Added some vehicles to Helms of Fury this week - here you can attempt the hard jumping puzzle, or pay gold to sail across on boats!

Enemies patrolling a room without using pathfinding such as A* or Navigation2D - just pretty simple raycasting for object avoidance.

New Wild Knight tactic - toss a poison mushroom that emits toxic spore clouds, which slow and damage enemies making them easy to kite!

Here's a Kickstarter reward we created with Nathan from GDQuest. Throwing this gear deploys a Vortex that pull enemies towards its center and traps them!

Here's a preview of a Kickstarter reward we made with Laura Hutt. Wildfire is a Rune that supercharges your bomb turrets, loading them with smoking fire bombs that burn enemies!

Bestoweth Protection is a Kickstarter reward we worked on with Escme. By using this purple bracelet, you activate a protective shield that blocks any projectile attack!

Our Runestones now have updated animations for when they are unlocked and when you interact with them!

New weather effects for Helms of Fury, adding more visual details to each level.

Electric Blade is a Kickstarter reward we worked on with S Busby. This Rune electrifies your Slashes, empowering them to unleash chain lightning on your enemies!

Not all chests hold treasure, some may contain a surprise that bites back!

How do you unlock items and runes in a fantasy game world with Knights? With vending machines of course! Find this room and you can spend gold coins on unlockables, making them available on your future runs.

Snake Pit is a Kickstarter reward we worked on with Gluttonace - after choosing this Rune venomous snakes will slither out of corpses!

A first look at The Galacterian Night! Created with The4bestgame, this item summons a robot helper that lands like a comet to attack your enemies!

Here's a preview of a Kickstarter reward we created with The4bestgame - Hydras Creed is a Rune that will revive you if you die!

Teaser of elite enemies from our first three levels! These are enhanced and more dangerous enemies that guard treasure chests.

Here's a preview of a Kickstarter reward we made with BackAt50Ft aka Kyle - Nugget is a companion pet you can select which provides you a luck bonus!

Working on smooth movement for this blue orb as part of a new Rune. Using Navigation2DServer in Godot and some lerping, and it seems to do pretty well!